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February 2013 - 2023Director, Digital Experience

Transforming a 30 yr old physical retailer into a digital leader.

The retail models of the 20th century were finite, exclusive, and direct. The new models of digital commerce are abundant, social, and indirect. How does a successful 20th century retailer evolve to become a digital leader? What’s the role of the digital store? How does a physical retailer adapt to the changing landscape of the 21st century?

Aritzia has evolved from the back of a department store in the west side of Vancouver into a multi-national near hundred boutique design house and fashion retailer. The company has a relentless pursuit of quality and meeting the desires of it’s loyal fanbase. They pride themselves in their beautiful and unique boutiques, each location being individually designed and furnished with a timeless, but evolving aesthetic. The relationships of their style advisors and clients span text messages, instagram mentions, emails, in-store experiences, and phone calls. This is fertile ground for digital transformation where small digital moves can have a big impact.

Facilitating this transformation has required a sensitivity to the company culture and it’s relationship with its clients. It’s not about creating digital interfaces as a marketing tool to position the company as a leader, it’s about evolving the positive aspects of what exists into a new context.