A Poem for Ideas

Ideas should be shared

Ideas are open. Ideas should be free. Whatever your specialization, ideas are a need. Whatever your situation, ideas are the seed. And seeds are the essence of life.

Protecting and hoarding prospective value from ideas stifles their ability to grow and breath. And the people who come up with the idea are not always the people best suited to scale it up to a need. Yet “I had the idea first” is a commonplace creed.

Like the discovery of new land, an new idea is a beach to a new territory, a new life. To pursue an idea and bring it to life, you need to become that idea. You need to embody it.

If you can’t invest in being so close to an idea that you come across, give it away. Practice giving your ideas away. Try giving them to the best people you think could bring that idea to the world in the way that you would like to see it.

Start, by creating a Feature List.