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Here you are

The personal internet website of Connor Lowe.

What’s this site all about?

This is a small piece of the internet where I can do whatever I want with the hope that the people that get here get a better picture of who I am. It's a playground (things might be in all sorts of stages of completion) and a reference to the type of internet that I grew up with.

Who am I?

It can be really hard to describe oneself in the context of a website. The marketeer in us wants to simplify and buzzword, the biographer wants to tell the backstory, and the creator just wants to forget about it and make stuff. Instead of answering directly, I've provided a bunch of rambling sentences about a variety of aspects of me. If you know me, you've probably heard me talk about these things now and again. If you're looking for something more direct, send me a DM.

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