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What motivates you is a more interesting and authentic way to describe yourself than attempting at some sort of character description. My motivations get to the source of why I get up every day to act on the world. It’s a better way of describing who I am than what I do because it gets to the essense of why I do.

Motivated by

Developing new ways of creating value.

Value creation is one of the most fascinating things that humanity pursues. The creation of a meal, for example, is one of the most basic forms of value creation, exercising our ability to take something of raw form and use time and energy to create something of greater value. Technology is at the forefront of value creation. I’m not a technology designer because of a deep love for technology (quite the opposite, in fact, I long for old tools and space in nature), but because it's the way in which I can create value for the world.

Motivated by

Defining what it means to be human.

The definition of human is being challenged by our dependence on technology. Technology is becoming ebedded into and indistinguishable from nature. As the two become one, what aspects of our identity will we hold on to and what will we let go of? What's the definition of "me" in a virtual world where anyone can be anybody? What is the effect of the quantified self on the perception of self? The digital experiences that we create, use, and allow to shape us are a mirror for who we are. I'm motivated to ensure that expression is a reflection of who we want to be.

Motivated by

Balancing rationale with intuition.

The creation, aggregation of, and access to data has proved an invaluable resource in decision making. It's opened up amazing opportunities to create quality, personal experiences for people. But the data are not always right. When surrounded by abundant data, how do we maintain confidence to go with our gut, trust our instincts, or be creative? I'm motivated by exploring both swings of this pendulum, digging deep into data driven decision making and making space for intuitive, unstructured creativity.

Motivated by

Pursuing an interplanetary existence.

I want humans to have a continued existence in the universe. If by our own hands, or by natural occurrences, earth won’t sustain life forever and we don't know when that might happen. There’s no pursuit as critical for humanity as developing an exit strategy from earth for our sustained existence. While there is a lot to learn about earth, I believe the pursuit of an interplanetary existence will teach us a lot about our planent, our universe, and ultimately ourselves.

Motivated by

Exploring the power in minutiae.

While the universe is big and fascinating, so are the small things. Decisions around the smallest and seemingly insignificant details can often have the biggest impact. It may seem counterintuitive because we've been conditioned to seek growth and grandeur, but sometimes it is the smallest things that get you there. In James Joyce's words, "In the particular lies the universal."